ANZBC21 Key Note Speakers and Presenters

We have a fantastic line-up of renowned experts joining us for this year’s conference.

Here are a few of our speakers for ANZBC21. Full Programme announced mid-August.

(Workshop and Conference) Professor Stephen Joseph – UNSW Stephen’s area of expertise includes: development of processes that recycle or value-add to waste especially those that produce energy and a stable carbon that can be utilised to increase food production and help remediate degraded land. Design and evaluation of bio-gas, bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and bio-oil plants; design and commercialisation of biochar and energy technology from stoves to large scale continuous plant, design and evaluation of waste minimisation processes and plant, development of biochar based integrated vermiculture/ aquaculture /hydroponics systems, design and testing of stoves, dryers, small kilns, furnaces, steam plant, pyrolysis and gasifiers that use biomass, coal, liquid or gaseous fuels, evaluation of biomass feed stocks and processed products; design and testing of advanced gas combustion equipment for turbines and for industrial processes, design of landfill energy systems, design, development and testing of air-emissions control systems; impact assessment of toxic wastes and indoor air pollution.

(Workshop and Conference) Andre van Zyl – New World Pavement Solutions Mr. van Zyl graduated in 1986 as a Chemical Engineer from the VAAL University of Technology, in South Africa. He has substantial experience in process plant design and its implementation for the steel, water treatment, mineral processing and mining industry in Africa, Asia and South America. For the past fifteen years has acquired specialized knowledge and skills in road surfacing technology, especially in the development, manufacture, and installation of environmentally friendly emulsified cold road-premix material, for both new urban and remote infrastructure development areas. During the last 4 years, he has been instrumental in the further development and re-design of the Carboncor Technology to suit specific climatic, geo-technical and soil conditions as viable and cost-effective road products in the Asian region. This has lead to numerous specialized formulation, stability testing and engineering activities of emulsion, to design conventional/direct (water-in-oil) emulsions, invert/reverse (water-inoil) emulsions, multiple (water-in-oil-in-water, oil-in-water-in-oil) emulsions and micro-emulsions. Following the latest 2 years of active R&D and specific design, a new and revolutionary Carboncor product range of road and construction materials is now available: to facilitate installation of an environmentally friendly option, or to do permanent maintenance/repairs and new road installations in Asian urban and/or extreme remote infrastructure development areas, where currently no other cost-effective technology is available for permanent road surfaces.

(Conference) Nigel Murphy – Green Man Char Nigel is a Founder and Director of Earth Systems and Cyclic Carbon aka Green Man Char. For the last decade these companies have been at the forefront of biochar and wood vinegar technology development and production in Australia. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and has qualifications in environmental and earth science. Nigel will explore how biochar can fulfil its potential.  He will identify the barriers to market acceptance and what the industry must do to bring biochar into the mainstream.


(Conference) Ian Stanley – Rainbow Bee Eater is a third generation farmer, who, with his sons Travis and Clint, owns and operates a 25,000 ha wheat and sheep farm in Kalannie in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia. During his farming career Ian has overseen the expansion of the farm from 5,500 Ha to its present size and planted and integrated over 1.2 million oil mallee trees on the farming property. Ian has become widely recognised as a spokesperson for the integrated farm forestry industry in Australia. In 2003 he was elected as President and Chairman of the Oil Mallee Association of Australia. Ian is passionate about growing small rural communities through new industry and farming enterprises. He has been awarded both the State and National Landcare Awards for Individuals. Nominated for his work in landcare, Ian was 1 of only 80 people selected to run with the Olympic Torch in Australia for the Beijing Olympics. Ian has been a Director of the Central Wheatbelt Football League for fourteen years, 9 as Chairman. Ian currently serves on the Boards of RBE; Kalannie Distillers; a local eucalyptus oil manufacturing enterprise; and Fares Rural a company investing in Australian agricultural production.

(Conference) Peter Burgess – Rainbow Bee Eater spent 35 years in Australian and international operational, corporate and advisory roles involving conception, feasibility, financing, design, construction, risk management and operation of large mining and manufacturing projects. Peter held senior leadership roles with Alcoa in Western Australia, Victoria and USA; served as Chair of the Federal Government and Industry Light Metals Action Agenda; sits on the Board of Engineers Without Borders Australia; and as consultant to Alumina Ltd and CSIRO Minerals and Energy. Peter believes that Australia, especially rural and regional areas, will gain significant environmental, social and economic benefits by using safe, efficient and clean 21st century technologies for the sustainable production of renewable energy from biomass residues that are currently burnt or landfilled. Peter’s career includes many examples where he has initiated or been a key player in the trialling and development and full implementation of new technologies including many environmental initiatives.

(Conference) Dr Lukas van Zwieten – NSW DPI Lukas’s research focuses on soil processes including C and N cycling, and how these relate to greenhouse gas emissions; contaminants in the soil environment; and unravelling microbial, rhizosphere and soil chemical processes. His research on biochar was acclaimed in the 2007 United Nations’ World Environment Day Award Meeting the Greenhouse Challenge, which has been popularised through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Catalyst program (2007), a CNN “special report” in 2008, ABC’s Landline (2009) and Discovery Channel’s Ecopolis mini-series in 2009/10. He has published over ninety papers and book chapters and has over 5800 cites (Scholar). He is a Program Leader for the Co-operative Research Centre – High Performance Soils. Lukas will give us an overview on biochar research in 2020-21.

(Conference) Annette Cowie – Bioenergy Australia has a background in soil science and plant nutrition, with particular interest in sustainable resource management. Annette contributes to development of policy for GHG (greenhouse gas) abatement, including GHG accounting for emissions trading at state, national and international levels. Annette led the New Forests research program in the NSW DPI (2001-2009), researching environmental services from planted forests, and the Applications and Outreach program in the CRC Greenhouse Accounting 2002-2004. Annette was the Director of Rural Climate Solutions, an alliance between NSW DPI and the University of New England 2009- 2014. Annette was a member of interim Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee, assessing methodologies for the Carbon Farming Initiative 2010-2012. Since 2000 Annette has been a member of the International Energy Agency Bio-energy research network Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems, and currently leads this group. Since 2012 Annette has been the Land Degradation advisor on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility. She is a member of the Science Policy Interface of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.