Day 1 and 3 will involve Indoor Presentations using PowerPoint type slideshows 30 minutes long for Keynote Speakers and 20 Minutes for registered and invited speakers including Q & A. Corresponding Trade Show.

Day 2 will involve indoor and outdoor workshops of a symposium type festival atmosphere with corresponding Trade Show. There will be indoor facilities available for PowerPoint Presentations and outdoor areas for Workshops that will range from 15 mins to 1/2 Hours long for demonstrations.

The 4 tracks for ANZBC18 are:

  1. Biochar Producers
  2. Biomass Producers
  3. Product Producers
  4. Research, Supply Chain & Policy


Would you like to present at ANZBC18 about biochar? Are you a student or scientist that can deliver a paper on biochar? Are you a technology provider or farmer that is growing with biochar? Are you using pyrolysis or gasification products in other industries like building and water filtration? We are seeking expressions of interest to give an indoor 20 minute PowerPoint presentation on Day 1 or 3, an indoor/outdoor workshop (up to 2 hours) or a demonstration (1 hour talking and ongoing practical) on Day 2.


Day 1 – Auditorium 1, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus 

         (Indoor Presentations)

 Day 2 –  Grassed Area, Car Park & Auditorium 1 

         (Indoor & Outdoor Workshops, outdoor demonstrations) 

Day 3 –  Auditorium 1, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus

(Indoor Presentations)


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