Trade Expo

Who should Exhibit? 

Our Trade Expo for the 5th ANZ Biochar Conference [ANZBC21] is designed for technology providers, biomass producers, biochar producers and product manufacturers, fertiliser and compost producers and associated industries such as farming equipment, etc.

The trade expo will assist our audience to become inspired for large-scale and commercial use of Biochar. With our new online format, running from 6th Oct – 17th Nov, you have the opportunity to be able to exhibit and interact with all our participant for 7 weeks! This is a great opportunity to both showcase and network with growers and farmers, foresters and policy makers, biochar producers, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, students and interested citizens.


Details about our event

Thanks to our Diamond Collective Sponsor, NewWorld Pavement Solutions, we have a fantastic online platform, sure to make ANZBC21 our best event yet!

Online and real-time, the event will be hosted by a fantastic platform that allows incredible networking opportunities for our exhibitors including:

  • Network one-on-one over live video.
  • “Connect” and exchange virtual business cards for following up later.
  • Join breakout sessions and participate in groups.
  • Watch keynote presentations on stage, send chat messages, and explore interactive expo areas.
  • The expo area online gives you the exhibitor, the opportunity to have one of your team members ready to network and speak to potential clients attending the event online, in real-time when the event is taking place.  Alternatively, we are able to link to any Youtube/Vimeo clips or Google Slides about your business.

You will receive 2 or 3 x complimentary passes to ANZBC21 within your booking fee. All prices are GST inclusive.

ANZBIG Member Discounts

Receive up to 22% discount off our ANZ Biochar Conference tickets & trade expo stalls by becoming an ANZBIG Member today. Click below to find out more about our Memberships…

Buy biochar technology, biochar and wood vinegar

Conhur – The DMax system allows for the recycling and beneficial re-use of materials from a variety of waste streams and in particular sludges from digesters and lagoons by separating the sands, grits and plastics from the final de-watered cake. It is proven to deliver an 80% reduction in waste to landfill volumes in applications at municipal waste water treatment works in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. We are developing a value-added biochar product.

Earth Systems is an Australian pioneer in the development and use of biochar.  Our CharMaker technology turns woody biomass in lump or chipped form into biochar and wood vinegar.  Our patented technology is known for its robustness and efficiency and has been successfully used in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Through our subsidiary, Cyclic Carbon, and our Green Man Char brand we produce biochar and wood vinegar for the Australian market.  If you would like to know more about our CharMaker technology or Green Man Char, please feel free to contact us directly.

Rainbow Bee Eater Technology – is a world leading technology that creates biochar and clean syngas from biomass, allowing fossil fuel energy systems to be converted to renewable, sustainable, low-cost energy. Since inception the mission of Rainbow Bee Eater has been to play a role in the shift from fossil fuel based energy to renewable and sustainable energy while enabling supply of low cost Biochar. ECHO2, the first commercial technology of Rainbow Bee Eater produces low cost syngas from organic residues such as crop and timber ‘wastes’ that are currently burned or land-filled. Biochar locks up carbon. Biochar locks up atmospheric CO2, sequestering carbon.

New World Pavement Solutions is revolutionising the way roads are built with its unique development and manufacturing of biochar-rich, cold bio-mix Products. The cold bio-mix technology utilises a cold anionic asphalt premix with the aim of producing and supplying a proven alternative “Carbon Negative” solution for the surfacing, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads and highways. The Cold Bio Mix Technology utilizes key aggregates and BioChar, together with a specially formulated concentrate natural binder mixture, which is then used to develop the various products within the NPS Products range. With a culture of continuous improvement, their approach of dedicated service to customers, fulfillment of commitments and quality without compromise has enabled NPS to achieve its market penetration into numerous countries and status as a quality cold asphalt with user friendly attributes in all climatic conditions.

Australia New Zealand Biochar Industry Group (ANZBIG) aims to facilitate and assist companies, governments and institutions in the safe and effective production and use of biochar and wood vinegar.

This cluster industry group focusses on education, research, collaboration and commercialisation activities, so as to provide better outcomes for Australia and New Zealand.

We offer members a discount to the annual biochar conference [ANZBC21} and a full set of recordings thereafter, biochar books, and access to the full membership in a members’ directory.

Simcoa is Australia’s only silicon manufacturing company and is committed to producing a superior, high quality silicon metal to meet the exacting needs of our customers. Simcoa’s production of very high purity silicon is particularly suitable to the metallurgical industry and the level of grade control maintained also provides some unique advantages for the silicones and semi-conductor industries. Silicon production commenced in December 1989. With more than 25 years of technical expertise and process development, Simcoa today is capable of stably producing in excess of 52,000 tonnes of high purity silicon and 13,000 tonnes of silica fume annually. This technical know-how and operational stability underpins our ability to meet demand into the future.

Byron Biochar (BB) delivers bio-products and bio-services for industrial, commercial & domestic applications. This includes direct bio-product supply, a mobile biochar service, DIY educational workshops, consultancy and is the founder and event coordinator of Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference. Byron Biochar is a merchant of raw biochar for Agriculture, horticultural char for potting mixes and orchid growing and pyroligneous acid also commonly known as wood vinegar or smoke water. This is produced by clean Australian advanced waste reduction technology which thermally recovers sustainable sources of biomass into valuable bio-products for growers.

Soil testing

EAL developed an Australian version of the Albrecht/Reams soil test (RA-PACK-001) in 1998; suitable for Australian soil types. It has been refined to include:

  • standard Australian testing for exchangeable cations (Ca, Mg, K, Na, H, Al)
  • plant available micronutrients (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, B, Si)
  • phosphorus tests (Bray 1, Bray 2, Colwell)
  • nutrients (Nitrate, Ammonium, Sulfur)
  • ‘Reams’ dilute Morgan extract for determining soluble nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, P)
  • pH, electrical conductivity, basic colour, basic texture, total LECO carbon and total LECO nitrogen.

An extended suite of tests is also available (RA-PACK-02) to give additional information on nutrients adsorbed to soil particles and organic matter. To obtain this information, not available through traditional testing, the following is undertaken:

  • RA-PACK-01 tests
  • ‘Pseudo-totals’ extracted with concentrated acids (Ca, Mg, K, Na, S, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, B, Al, Si, P, Co, Mo and Se).

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AFS is a turnkey solutions provider for the Agriculture, Food & Seed industries.

We specialise in the ‘3 Cs’ – CRUSH, CONVEY, CONTROL – offering a comprehensive range of highly efficient and cost effective automated solutions tailored to your specific operation.

We have sourced different types of milling and conveying systems from around the world to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Each company we work with has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and a wealth of technical expertise across all aspects of industrial conveying and process control.

However, AFS is also much more than just a supplier of quality parts and equipment. When it comes to crushing, conveying and controlling, we specialise in affordable end-to-end solutions with the potential to revolutionise your processing practices and deliver Short-term ROI.

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