Full Recording – 2nd ANZ Biochar Study Tour & 4th Conference



Enjoy a full set of Zoom recordings from the 2nd ANZ Biochar Study Tour & 4th Conference (ANZBC20) Approximate viewing time is 28 hours. Refer to our programme times to fast forward and rewind to the workshops, virtual demonstrations, field trips and PPT presentations. Study Tour https://anzbc.org.au/studytour/Conference https://anzbc.org.au/conference/

Study Tour

Day 1 Sustainable Biochar Production

Day 2 Sustainable Biochar Use


Topic areas include better soils, animal health & wealth, cleaner runoff, waste to energy, building the future (bio based materials) & the new carbon economy. Day 2 will include the launch of the ANZ Biochar Industry (ANZBIG) and the Code of Practice for the Sustainable Production & Use of Biochar in Australia & New Zealand.