Cairns Region Biochar Study Tour

“Regenerating soils & transforming materials:

“Restoring Reef Catchments”

DATES Friday 17 & Monday 20 July 

Broadcast live & recorded from Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Biochar is being initiated for use at commercial scale in Australia & New Zealand.

Australias’ Cairns region is becoming one of those regions.

How and where has biochar been used in the Cairns Region?

What is driving use of biochar & wood vinegar in reef catchments?

What are the benefits that have been seen in other regions?

What is limiting biochar use in this and other regions?

The Study Tour will be of interest to farmers, horticulturists, foresters, councils, road and building product providers and for those seeking to assist in the broader adoption of this decisive tool for climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

Study Tour intent

To network International, National and local commercial scale users of biochar and those aspiring to join that list.

To show examples of commercial use of biochar and share practical advice on how and where biochar is likely to improve performance in those applications.

Show the growing list of commercial applications of biochar and:

* the likely response to biochar’s addition to asphalt, concrete, animal feed, compost, horticulture, agriculture, soil and water remediation, golf courses and sporting fields

* how do we apply biochar?

* what dose has worked for others?

* what mixes have worked for others?

* what is possible for the soils of this region?

* layperson’s street guide on biochar quality!

Who Should attend?

Current users of biochar and those interested in using biochar for:

  • animal health
  • composting
  • horticulture
  • building soil carbon
  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • building products
  • road building
  • consumer products
  • carbon sequestration
  • remediation of soil and water

For those seeking to assist in the broader adoption of this decisive tool for climate change mitigation & sustainable development.


The 2nd ANZBI Study tour will be broadcast live & recorded from Cairns and will include practical workshops from renowned presenters on how best to produce, use and apply biochar. We’ll visit & broadcast from biochar field trials, and a pyrolysis plant that is soon to be commissioned as well as demonstrations of mobile technology. The study tour will focus on how sustainable farmers can meet the new reef protection guidelines by regenerating soils, reducing and filtering runoff, converting waste to energy and building the future with bio based materials such as green concrete and asphalt. 




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