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Our Trade Expo for Day 1, 2 & 3 in the Auditorium & Functional Room adjoining Building C at Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus is available for 3m x 3m powered sites. Our Trade Expo is designed for Biomass Producers, Biochar Producers, Biochar Product Manufacturers, Fertiliser & Compost Producers, Associated Industries such as Farming Equipment, etc and will adjoin ANZBC18. It is a great opportunity to showcase to and network with Growers & Farmers, Foresters, Policy Makers, Biochar Producers, Industry Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students and interested citizens.

Bookings close 31st July, 2018

Bookings Close July 31st, 2018 for catering purposes. You will receive 2 x registration to ANZBC18 within your booking fee.

Indoor Presentations; Day 1, 2 & 3: Southern Cross University, Gold Campus (Building C)

Auditorium 1 & Foyer Area

Outdoor Demonstrations; Day 1, 2, & 3 Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus

(Grassed Area & Carpark)

Our Exhibitors to Date Include:

The Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) is part of Southern Cross University (SCU) located at the Lismore campus. Operating since 1993, EAL provides quality analytical services to a range of research and commercial entities, specialising in environmental, agricultural and contaminant testing.EAL provides world-standard work in the shortest possible time frame, at commercially competitive prices. Full confidentiality and security are provided for all analytical work.

Green Man Char products are the creation of Cyclic Carbon Pty Ltd, an Australian company that forms carbon products from biomass and waste.Every product is sustainably produced in Australia using the Charmaker technology.  Our biochar and charcoal products can be used for agriculture, industry and gourmet cooking.The Green Man is an ancient symbol of rebirth and nature.  It embodies the challenge of sustainability in our modern world.  At Green Man Char we aim to reduce waste, capture all available resources and help create a more sustainable economy in which both the environment and humanity can prosper. If you would like to know more about Green Man Char, please feel free to contact us directly.

Byron Biochar (BB) delivers bio-products and bio-services for industrial, commercial & domestic applications. This includes direct bio-product supply, a mobile Biochar Service, DIY educational workshops, consultancy and is the founder and event coordinator of Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference 2018 (ANZBC18).

Olsson’s Livestock Nutrition – Olsson’s 1st salt block was produced in 1949 in a shed just west of Parramatta. It was the first pressed salt block produced in Australia to contain a range of minerals and was the forerunner of all the multi-nutrient blocks produced in Australia from that time onwards. Ever since, Olsson’s have been at the forefront of ruminant technology and education of the grazier about the latest break-throughs in this field. That has never been more true than today. Olsson’s continue to support the research and development of ruminant nutrition through University tests and field trials.

Australian and New Zealand Biochar Initiative Inc. is a collaborative group of scientists, engineers, growers and other stakeholders interested in advancing the understanding and application of biochar materials and getting viable biochar projects in the ground. Collectively our aim is to collaborate on research programs, promote and advocate the adoption of biochar investigation and use, and communicate the opportunities presented by biochar to policy makers, land managers, the public, industry and fellow scientists. We offer members a discount to the annual biochar conference and a full set of recordings thereafter, biochar books and access to the full membership via a members directory.

Pyrocal Pty Ltd is a Toowoomba based company specialising in thermal treatment systems for the upgrading of biomass residues to energy and carbon products (for example biochar, biocarbon, briquettes and filter carbons). Pyrocal designs, builds and installs Pyrocal CCT systems worldwide. (Previously known as the BiGChar technology). Pyrocal also offers a premium barbeque charcoal product called Black Pearl Charcoal, using the biocarbon produced from nutshells. The company has a range of 100% stainless steel barbeques to complement the barbeque charcoal.

The Australian Biomass and Bioenergy Assessment (ABBA), provides detailed information about biomass resources across regional Australia, to assist in project development and decision making for new bioenergy projects, and provide linkages between biomass supply, through the supply chain, to the end user. This will create uses and value for regionally based biomass sources, such as cereal straw, forestry residue and grape marc. The project is collecting, on a state-by-state basis, data on the location, volumes and availability of biomass, for inclusion on the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI) platform.  Analytic tools will soon also be available to allow interrogation of the data.

Holochar is an immersive model that utilises a holographic 360 degree display to visualise biochar at the molecular level. Through the combination of custom 3D graphics and sound design, Holochar aims to provide an in-depth and engaging insight into the properties of biochar. By weaving together an understanding of biochar’s different processes and functions, we are able to better explain its crucial role in regenerative soil and ecosystem management at both the micro and macro level. Installation by Interactive Media Artist Jonathon Bolitho

As a culture, how do we interact with the carbon cycle? “The Long Sleep” is an artwork devised in response to the production and application of biochar as a cultural intervention. It is an old oak double bed that has been charred in order to preserve and protect it. Within the frame is a bed of biochar, within which life is growing. Wooden household objects such as bowls, cups and toys are charred and lie on top of the bed, nestled in the plantlife. Once upon a time, these objects participated in the life that surrounded them.  A toy train was played with, a chair sat on. Now, through the process of biochar, we’ve put the carbon to bed, sequestering and preserving these objects for their long sleep. Installation by Georgina Pollard; Visual Artist Image: “A Chandelier for Ants”  by Georgina Pollard. Photo by Alex Wisser

Pyrolitech convert waste into environmentally friendly, organic gardening products. Using our state of the art pyrolysis machine, Pyrolitech “cook” the waste biomass,by utilizing the otherwise harmful greenhousegases as fuel. This prevents them from being released into the atmosphere. We use these gases to create a stable form of carbon called Biochar which,when added to the soil, improves productivity, and increases the value of the land. When you add carbon to the soil, you remove it from the atmosphere. This fights climate change!


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